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Our Mission:The International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change aims to publish scholarly work that promotes and fosters innovation, creativity and change in all fields of endeavour.  Our focus is on papers that will be influential in their field or across fields and will significantly advance understanding in those fields.


Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change publishes scholarly work that promotes and fosters innovation, creativity and change in all fields of endeavour. The focus is on papers that will be influential in their field or across fields and will significantly advance understanding in topics such as: anthropology, agriculture, sociology, politics, culture, history, business, science, economics, education, management, tourism management, arts, laws, linguistics and psychology. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field.


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Manuscript Selection

Authors are notified of decisions by e-mail only. Repeated submissions of the same manuscript will not be acknowledged. Membership of the IJICC or affiliate organisations is not a factor in selection of manuscripts for publication. IJICC treats all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents. Papers cannot be resubmitted over a disagreement on novelty, interest, or relative merit. If a paper was rejected on the basis of serious reviewer error, resubmission may be considered. (see Peer Review Policy).  Decisions made by the Board of Editors are final.


This journal has a zero-tolerance to plagiarism and unethical behaviour with respect to publishing. Authors must ensure their paper is of the highest standard and that attributions and citations are accurate and the paper is original in its entirety. All papers are systemically reviewed on submission and any detections mean an immediate rejection.

Third-Party Editorial Services

The IJICC understands that authors may use (pay for) academic journal editorial services to maximise the potentials of their papers for acceptance through peer review. Such fees payable are not associated with this journal. Please be advised that using and paying for such third parties does not guarantee publication in this journal. This journal has a strict peer-review process. The journal has become very popular over recent years, due to its relevance and leadership in the fields of innovation, creativity and change. This places significant pressure on our peer reviewer list. This journal, therefore, welcomes authors to nominate suitably qualified peer reviewers for their papers. Should an issue of quality occur please contact the editor via


Only one file to be uploaded and as 'complete paper'.

Manuscript length must NOT exceed 7000 words and 25 pages (including text and



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